Azi Counselling & Associates


Who We Are

Azi Counselling & Associates is a practice centered around client connection. It’s about starting a journey with someone you trust to begin healing from the inside out and having the coping skills to move forward.

Deciding to allow someone into your world is not something we take lightly, we believe in a supportive approach to help you live a more meaningful life.

Our team of committed counsellors believe in transparency, honesty, and building trust to guide you through in a way that allows you to be seen and cared for.

Our Clients Come First

You're the Expert

Our counsellors believe the client is the expert and that you already possess the answers. We are focused on helping guide you to find the answers that are within so you can move forward.

It's a Collaboration

Therapy is a collaborative process. The connection between the client and counsellor is key, we have to work together during this journey to support getting the best outcome.

You're Not Alone

We focus on undoing aloneness. No one should have to go through pain and experience it alone. We work with you to undo aloneness in the difficult experiences that you may have had. Our team is here and offering to sit with you and your pain.

Self-care is a Priority

Self-care and healing is a priority for our client, as well as, our counsellors. We have each taken our own journey to heal ourselves and continue to further our own practices to be able to further help others heal. We are fellow travellers in life’s adventures and struggles and we are committed to helping you with your journey.