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Please note that due to COVID-19, I am only offering services through Telehealth. Call or email to book your appointment.

I wish you well, and hope to see you soon (virtually!)

Azi counselling & consulting

Breaking you free from pain, one session at a time

Let me be part of your journey

Have you been feeling more sad than happy? Are you feeling anxious and can’t figure out why? Are you feeling stuck and don’t know what to do? Are you struggling with communication in your relationship? Are you a prisoner of your past?
The fact that you are here and looking for a therapist means you are ready to start your counselling journey. I know how difficult it can be to take the first step toward seeking help. Now that you have been brave enough to take this step , let me be part of your journey and walk beside you towards your better self.
At Azi Counselling my goal is to help you cope better with your pain, manage your feelings more effectively, and live a more fulfilling life.
Let me help you, because I know how it feels to be stuck, to be hopeless, to be sad, to be lonely, or to feel you are the only one on the planet who is experiencing pain. I also know that no matter how much pain you are in, there are ways for you to suffer less. Remember, pain is inevitable and suffering is optional.

Models & Theories that Inspire Azi Counselling

Client/ Person Centered Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Solution- Focused Therapy
Mindfulness-based approaches
Narrative therapy
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
Gottman Couple’s Therapy
Existential Therapy
Internal Family Systems (IFS)
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy ( DBT)


At Azi Counselling I offer counselling services in English and Farsi. If your problem is not in the list below , it doesn’t mean I can’t help you! 

Individual counselling

Anxiety and OCD
Bipolar disorder
Anger management
Stress management
Historical and current Abuse/Trauma
Grief and loss
Self-esteem and self-confidence
Healthy Boundaries and Assertiveness
Identity Isuues
Sexuality and Sexual Health

Couples/ Family counselling

Communication issues
Conflict resolution
Infidelity/trust issues
Intimacy Issues
Controlled seperation
Break up/divorce recovery
Healthy seperation/divorce

Virtual/ Phone counselling

At Azi Counselling I offer both phone and virtual counselling sessions in an effort to make counselling more accessible and convenient for my clients. This way my clients are able to continue their counselling work if they are traveling or if they prefer to have their sessions from the comfort of their own home.

Walk and Talk

If you would like to go for a walk around our beautiful city instead of sitting in an office for your counselling session this service will be suitable for you. 

All Are Welcome

Hours of work :

Flexible hours including evenings

Phone:  778-513-3448

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