Accessible Counselling Services in Vancouver for Your Mental Well-Being

Professional Online Counselling in Vancouver

At Azi Counselling & Associates, we offer online counselling services across Vancouver that is primarily centered around client connection. It’s about starting a journey with someone you trust to begin healing from the inside out and gaining the coping skills to move forward.

Deciding to allow someone into your world is not something we take lightly. We believe in a supportive approach to help you live a more meaningful life.

Our team of committed counsellors believes in transparency, honesty, and building trust. We are here to guide you in a way that allows you to be seen and cared for.

What we can help with


Azi Counselling & Associates offers counselling services to clients through video conferencing technology and telephone.

and stress

With years of experience and training in the field of mental health, our counsellors can help you learn about the roots of your anxiety and gain tools to cope with anxiety and stress.


It can be challenging to identify a life event as a ‘trauma’ sometimes, and it can be even more challenging to take the time to process your past trauma as it is often a place that you don’t want to return to.


Here at Azi Counselling & Associates, we believe that it is a very important to control your emotions and experiences through anger online counselling.

Relationships &
Couples Counselling

At Azi Counselling & Associates, our counsellors have extensive training and experience with relationship counselling.


Most often, when we talk about addiction, drugs and alcohol is what comes to mind.


Are you feeling a lack of energy almost every day and any simple task is overwhelmingly difficult?


Have you been in an accident and have a claim with ICBC?

Our Clients Come First

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Client is the expert icon

You're the Expert

Our online counsellors believe the client is the expert and that you already possess the answers. We are focused on helping guide you to find the answers that are within so you can move forward through our online counselling in Canada.

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Connect icon

It's a Collaboration

Therapy is a collaborative process. The connection between the client and counsellor is key, we have to work together during this journey to support getting the best outcome.
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Un doing Aloneness icon

You're Not Alone

We focus on undoing aloneness. No one should have to go through pain and experience it alone. We work with you to undo aloneness in the difficult experiences that you may have had. Our team is here and offering to sit with you and your pain.
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Self Care icon

Self-care is a Priority

Self-care and healing is a priority for our client, as well as, our counsellors. We have each taken our own journey to heal ourselves and continue to further our own practices to be able to further help others heal. We are fellow travellers in life’s adventures and struggles and we are committed to helping you with your journey.

Our Experienced Practitioners

Azi Mohammadian

Azi Mohammadian

Director of Clinical Services

Sae Angelia Aizawa

Sae Angelia Aizawa

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Suki Ó Huallacháin

Suki Ó Huallacháin

Canadian Certified Counsellor

Joss Martinez

Joss Martinez

Registered Clinical counsellor

Lorna Demedeiros

Lorna Demedeiros

Registered Social Worker

Our happy clients!

Safa Ahmadi
Safa Ahmadi
I have awesome experience and can’t thank you enough for such amazing service
Jackson Mann
Jackson Mann
Azi is patient and understanding. She's helped me work through a number of confusing feelings and situations. highly recommended.
joanna huang
joanna huang
Sae has been my therapist for I believe close to a year or longer and I have nothing but great things to say. As a Asian woman, I am so so appreciative I found her. She provides insight and tools to use outside of sessions. And most importantly, she makes me feel safe and free to share. I would highly recommend! The convenience of having therapy online also helps wonderfully with my schedule. Again, thank you Sae! ?
Ruth M'rav-Jankelowitz
Ruth M'rav-Jankelowitz
Olivia has been amazing . Only 2 sessions in and already feeling the clouds clearing . So easy to talk to and so engaging . I am looking forward to my next appointment! Thank you Olivia and Azi counselling!
Artemis Saffarizadeh
Artemis Saffarizadeh
I cannot express enough gratitude for the help my consoler Suki provided me. She was an immense support during a difficult time in my life and helped me to overcome my anxiety and set a clear direction for my future. Her knowledge and expertise in the field is evident and her advice was invaluable. I am now happier and feeling more blessed than ever, and I have Suki to thank for that. I highly recommend her services to anyone who may be in need of guidance and support. Thank you for everything Suki!
Robin Lewis
Robin Lewis
Amazing practitioners! I have worked with Olivia and love our sessions. She is always leaving me with something practical, which I really appreciate!
Masako Doi
Masako Doi
Suki is an excellent counsellor. This was my first counselling session, and she was able to clarify the concerns I had and immediately suggest possible responses. I was not even sure what my problem was, but I felt a little clearer after my session with her. 15min free consultation was helpful to know your counsellor before you have a session. I highly recommend Azi counselling & associates.
Rosy Arora
Rosy Arora
If you’re looking for a counsellor, I highly recommend contacting Azi. She is empathic, reliable and a great listener.
Marcia Halajeski
Marcia Halajeski
As a chiropractor, it's necessary to have solid professionals to co-treat patients with in order to truly give people the fullest care. Azi is outstanding as a counselor and fellow learned friend, who takes incredible care with my patients. Azi keeps up with her continuing education, always striving to maintain the highest level of professionalism with her care, and ensure comfort level with her clients. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.