Ihab Darwiche, (He/Him/His)
Canadian Certified Counsellor

Ihab has always endeavored to help others when possible. As his mentors have helped him in his life, and as they have guided him through difficult points of self-growth and reflection, he values being there for others to progress through their own difficult times. He believes it is far less problematic to overcome challenges with guidance and direction. even more so when that guidance is refined through education, experience, and a standardized expectation of practice.

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Ihab is a Canadian Certified Counsellor licenced under CCPA with a master’s degree in counselling psychology from Yorkville University. He specialized his education in dealing with anxiety/depression and trauma/abuse issues. He has been working in the mental health field for 5 years, through his work as a Medical Assistant with Military Reserves and as a Behavioral Interventionist. Ihab mainly uses existential therapeutic practices to guide his sessions, alongside CBT, mindfulness, positive psychology, and psychoanalytical modalities.
Ihab has worked extensively with population groups from Men’s health, anger management, relationship counselling, addictions issues, self-confidence, self-understanding/exploration, youth counselling, regular mental health upkeep, and more.

It is his goal to ensure the counselling space is a safe and comfortable place for you to exist. He wants to create a session for you to talk about and understand your needs in the safest way possible. He loves what he does. It is a true privilege for him to work in a field he cares so deeply for. He chose to be a counsellor to be there for others. As his mentors have done for him, it would be his joy to be able to help guide another person out of the painful or rough parts of their lives.


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We are a committed experienced team of virtual counsellors aligned around vision, values, and client care. Our team is focused on client engagement, connection, and transparent treatment plans. We know that when the client chooses us, that comes with the highest degree of trust and care, and to honour that commitment we are accountable for our own self-care, therapy, continuing education, and further establishing our credibility through these channels.
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