Suki’s journey to becoming a therapist

by | May 17, 2022 | Culture

My journey to becoming a therapist is rooted in my own work of becoming more authentic within myself. Growing up as a first generation Canadian created conflict within myself, a conflict between my heart and my brain I would like to say. My heart wanted me to follow my passion in helping others and the field of mental health, and my mind was telling me to play it safe and follow a path that would make others happy with me. This constant conflict created a mix of both people pleasing tendencies as well as built up anger & resentment. These are the key concepts that led me to counselling, luckily I was able to access services through university and was connected with an amazing therapist. Our work together highlighted the societal pressures that are placed on us and the internal authentic nature of our goals. It was not easy work to say the least, but this helped cultivate a more genuine sense of self.  I was able to finally say it is okay to not be a timid desi girl who always listens to others. Rather, I was able to be myself. A loud girl who loves punk rock, coloured hair, and is a fiery advocate.

The work that my therapist helped facilitate created an inner strength that allowed me to follow my goals of becoming a therapist myself. She helped me understand that we only have one life to live and understanding ourselves and our own needs, although it is hard, is stronger than pressures placed on us. While attending grad school I worked at a group home that highlighted the holes in the mental health system and activated my inner advocate. I was drawn to work in the downtown eastside as I have spent much of my youth attending concerts in the area. The resilience of individuals is what keeps me motivated in working in this tough environment, the stories and the people I have met will always hold a special place in my heart. 

So with all these life factors, how does this inspire my work? The key goal of my work is to create a space where my clients can say anything to me without fear of judgment. I anchor my work in meeting clients where they are, my agenda is your agenda. The values I have in my work are transparency, authenticity, honesty, and some humor. We may meet during a period of your life that is the toughest you have been through, but I want you to remember that even though life is tough, you are tougher. I look forward to connecting and thank everyone who lets me travel on their journey alongside them.

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